Welcome Back


It has been a while I have been hanging out on youtube ha ha. Learning how to edit videos.

I have a blogger account but am not sure if I want to switch. So just testing this out.

use this oneeeeee


One thought on “Welcome Back

  1. Beautiful blues and lovely clouds in this shot. I loved that I made the switched from blogger to wordpress. As for how to get the tags etc. For the ones at the top of my posts under title this is done by adding categories. Since I use Live Writer to post after I have published my post I then have to go into the WP Admin, which I find on my stats page. From there I click on posts. I then select my recent post. Off to the right side you can scroll down to find the categories. This is whatever you wish to create. For instance I have Nature as parent category then flower photography within that. Once I have created a parent category and then add others to that category all I need to do is click on them for the post. To tag a post which is what appears at the bottom. All you need to do is scroll a bit further on the same page and add whatever tags you wish to add. After that make sure you hit the update button and it will update the post. Hope this has helped.


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