Hi, my name is Elizabeth Mcdonald,

Welcome to my new photography blog!

       I have been taking photographs for over two years and am loving it. Right now it is more of a hobby, but would like it to turn into something more down the road. When I took my first photo years ago, a friend said “man you have an eye for this”. With that, I started my photography blog, and have grown and learned so much. I am on Capture Minnesota and have  gotten high votes on many of my pictures.

I came up with title from my initials of my name, hence Enriching Moments Photography was born. Wanting to capture moments that are truly enriching to those who look upon my work or have me capture their special enriching moments they can treasure.

My gear includes: Canon T5I. And a few lenses ranging from zoom to prime.

My editing software includes: Photoshop 13. ( But I do my best in camera, so not much editing needs to be done, except adding more creative elements).

One of my clients invited me to Florida a few years ago and bought many of my photographs I took and had them put on canvas, in various sizes including one 24″ by 56″ to display in their foyer.

I have taken portraits, but love nature photography.

I have a youtube channel as well, stop over to see my work over the years.

Enriching Moments Photography| youtube

I am excited to see what the future holds and be able to take more photographs that can be shared for a life time.



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